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Galleri Gennem Lågen opening exhibition ~ LAND OF EMOTIONS (2020)

The exhibition is open :


                    Friday        18 September 16 - 20 ( opening )

Saturday       19 September 14 – 20

 Sunday        20 September 14 – 20


   Friday        25 September 14 – 20

   Saturday     26 September 14 – 20

  Sunday        27 September 14 – 20

Entrance through the gate between Enghave Plads 21-23,
1670 København V



About the gallery:
Gennem Lågen is a newly started gallery in the Vesterbro district. It is a joint initiative by a group of young people who wish to bring about an informal space for the exchange of interests within archeology, ecology and architecture. The gallery serves as a communicative exhibition space for projects of various kinds and will open in the fall 2020 with a series of exhibitions based on a thematic development, from the discovery of unknown lands to cultivation, property, imbalance and greed. We think of the exhibition series as a stratigraphy in a shared excavation field and wish to present individual sections of our merged interests and areas of work.
The gallery has been established in a small dark blue room in a basement, exposed to a courtyard with the entrance from Enghave Plads in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. On the gate to the courtyard there’s a sign. If the sign is there, it means that the Gallery is open and you are invited to come and visit. The only thing you have to do is ring the doorbell, after which you will be met by the host of the exhibition and accompanied through the courtyard to the entrance. We wish to spread an interest in the inclusion of overlooked spaces in Copenhagen and look forward to being able to offer our guests an intimate and dialog-based art experience in Copenhagen.
About the exhibition:
The opening exhibition LAND OF EMOTIONS by Laurits Honoré Rønne presents a series of works developed around the idea of releasing incomplete memories and accumulated inner images in an artificial landscape. Through installations, images and collected objects, will places, situations and states of mind be reinterpreted in an attempt to depict what, in cartography, is termed terra incognita; an area that has not yet been mapped or documented. This area, is thought to be able to be documented in an exhibition, developed as an autobiographical topography.
Throughout the work, special attention has been paid to the word nostalgia (νοσταλγία), which dates back to ancient Greek literature. The word is a contraction of the Greek words nóstos (homecoming) and álgos (pain). In the ancient Greek society, Nóstos was a theme associated with a high level of heroism and greatness, especially in relation to the heroes who succeeded in returning home over the sea. In this sense, Àlgos refers to the pain of not being able to return to one's home country. The two Greek words were combined by the Swiss doctor J. Hofer (1669-1752) in order to describe the so-called Swiss illness; a diagnosed homesickness for Swiss citizens abroad. The word nostalgia has in recent history changed meaning from being an expression of a longing in space to be an expression of a longing in time. Since the industrialisation and the urbanisation began in the 18th century, the idea of nostalgia has been used to describe a perdition in the past and has (perhaps due to a risk of sentimental delusion) rarely been associated with anything constructive in a cognitive context. The aim of this project has been to explore a retro-reflexive foothold in a virtual landscape, where one can move freely in an open field of past, rather than think back in linear, definitive and dichotomous progressions.
We are looking forward to seeing you !!